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Our leadership team is passionate, loving, and laser-focused on creating change for each of our clients, their families, and the community. 

Real Deal Sober Living

Explore the company that started it all. Real Deal sober living is continuing its journey forward.

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Parker is the founder and owner of Egon Holdings (which is the parent company for Real Deal companies). Parker founded Real Deal sober living in 2016, and Real Deal Therapy & Wellness in 2020. Parker is passionate about developing businesses and creating valuable experiences for clients in all of his businesses.

“All I can say is that if you really believe in something you can make it a reality.”

Stephan Marion

Stephan is an industry vet with many years of personal experience working with those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health. Stephan is passionate about making a long-term change with each of our clients and families at each level of our services.

Stephan is a native Canadian, who moved to Texas after attending treatment in 2011. Stephan has many years of personal recovery under his belt. Steph lives outside of Dallas with his wife and three beautiful girls.

Austin Shook

Austin is an extremely passionate person in recovery with many years of experience working with people on the front lines of addiction and alcoholism.

Austin is a fun loving person in long-term recovery, who loves to spend time helping others in recovery. In his free time, Austin enjoys to make music, dance with his friends, and lead his cult for alien worship.

In addition to his passion for the recovery program that saved his life, Shook brings a charismatic management style that he has used to manage teams in the residential treatment setting. He also has experience running the alumni program for a successful outpatient (IOP) and as a case-manager for a transitional-living facility nearby. Shook brings this energy to the RD houses, meeting weekly with our live-in house manager/assistant managers while detailing the progress of our residents and sending regular updates to families and helping professionals involved in the resident’s treatment.

Having gone through treatment near Waco, TX, and sober living in Kerrville, TX, Shook has been in the same shoes as a new resident is walking into our homes. Now in long-term recovery himself, Shook is beyond excited to provide the same desperately needed structure to individuals with a desire to change their lives. “We can recover,” says Shook “if we can practice the spiritual disciplines that have been proven to work for millions just like us. Real Deal Sober Living is a place where the foundation is laid for this lifelong journey that we commit to daily. From each morning at our house meditation to the weekly community meetings, and the required 12-step groups and  IOP/therapy sessions we encourage all residents to attend, we are on this journey together. You are never alone in this Fellowship. Join us.

Jake Bradshaw

Jake started as a resident within Real Deal and rose his way up to become director of admissions. Jake is a loving person who can't wait to get up in the morning to help more people find the life he worked so hard to obtain.

Jake Bradshaw was born in New Jersey. Jake is a person in long-term recovery  who found that  sobriety gave him a life he never thought was possible. When he had nothing left to lose & everything to gain, he got help. And now he is able to use his experience to help those who are struggling.

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